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4 Ways How Social Media Marketing is Changing the Dynamics

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Transforming Social media

For marketing products and services in the past, businesses relied heavily on newspapers, television, and radio advertising. However, as the world has become more socialized than ever, and the majority of people have access to the internet, social media has taken over marketing channels into a storm.


Businesses have found a golden opportunity in marketing their products by spending the majority of their time online on various social media platforms.


And why not? The majority of the potential customers and consumers can be found on these social media platforms with much more ease as compared to the traditional methods. Moreover, it is now difficult to imagine a world without social media, just as life on Earth without air.


Further, in an era where social media has become such an integral part of our daily lives, that we use it for almost everything, businesses are not averse to exploring its benefits. This is why recent trends show that businesses are increasing their social media marketing budgets. And, as a result, more of the advertising resources are being spent on digital ads.


And finally, consumption of traditional forms of information and entertainment will keep declining at an even faster pace, and more and more consumers will keep leveraging these platforms for various purposes. This will ultimately increase the already thriving social media’s potential with manifold benefits and it will, therefore, keep attracting the businesses for their marketing goals.

Transforming Social Media Marketing

4 Ways in Which Social Media Is Changing Today

The consumer is more aware and attraction-oriented today. Companies have to focus on consumer-oriented and result-driven marketing campaigns on their social media. Their content should be highly creative and distinct in terms of their product and services.

It has been analyzed that video content generates great engagement with the customers. A well-focused and result-driven video content attracts customers, receives feedbacks, and brings successful customers to the business.


Various platforms like Instagram, Facebook are being used by businesses to generate a huge number of customers. Moreover, video-focused apps like Takatak and Tok-Tok are generating huge revenues for many businesses.

From high-rated influencers to moderated rated influencers with followers being your target audience, have tremendously brought new prospects to the businesses of the companies who are utilizing influencer marketing.


Influencer Marketing Must Now Be On-brand And Authentic


In the early days of influencer marketing, before it was even referred to as “influencer marketing,” you could drive insanely high volume simply by having an account with a large following promote your product or service in a post.


Using various skills of these influencers and the natural representation of the products by these influencers is driving the businesses.


The most valuable influencer marketing is when it is done for the long term. This brings the trust of people on the influencers whom they follow, towards the product being advertised.


However, the authenticity of products and services is still very crucial. Influencer marketing is just the path to advertise businesses’ products, the quality still is the most important factor.

    Today social media is not just an engaging platform with various sections of people. Moreover, along with being a marketing channel, social media is now working as a service provider as well.


    Whenever there is a bug or issue that a customer faces, he can share his grievance with the company on their social media platform. This brings the issues to the public domain, increasing transparency in the product and services provided by the company.


    It also tends companies to make sure that the grievances are addressed because not complying with customer demands may result in a breach of the company’s reputation.


    A committed customer service, both on social media and inbound, is very important. Listening to customers satisfies them and builds trust. They may tag you for your quick redressal and that brings prospects to the company.

    A few years back, engagement was considered to be the driving force. Marketers used to evaluate their business tactics using engagement metrics. But today, the game has changed.


    Now, marketers are using more and much-influencing metrics like CTR, likes, and retweets. Using analytics and CRM companies can generate leads based on customer preferences which are tracked using social media itself.



    We’ve been witnessing the social media transformation for a while now. From just tweets to maneuvering tech giants’ businesses to sales; social media is changing the dynamics of businesses today.


    The increasing change of pace in social media marketing is potentially bringing huge dynamics of growth for companies in near future.

    What do you think should a marketer focus on before making any marketing strategy for their social media profile?