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7 Ways how Email Marketing Can Change Business Dynamics

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Email Marketing Changing the dynamics of the business

Today, marketers are in the driving seat of any business. They make sure that the business reaches maximum people and they make sure that the company achieves the maximum level of sales.


From social media to video marketing, and from content to email marketing; there are various ways for marketing today. But all of these competing methods have faced ups and downs, except one; which is email marketing. The proof is very visible! Email marketing has been generating maximum ROI amongst all the competitors.


In this article, we are going to discuss some reasons why email marketing outplays any other mediums used for marketing.

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Email Marketing and Its Importance

7 Signs How Email Marketing is Become an Important Part Of Business Marketing Strategy

It’s quite natural to believe that social and digital media has become the most effective way to expand your business and reach more customers.


And email is an integral, and perhaps, the most important part of the entire digital media. You can simply understand the importance of email by knowing that anything you do online, whether it is creating a Facebook account or accessing a website, signing up through email is really necessary.


Many online people may not have Facebook and Twitter accounts, but anyone who uses the internet has an email. So, when you talk about connecting with customers, there’s no better channel than email.

Using the email list, you can precisely deliver your message to the inbox of the person/customer. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of emails that you want to send. This is a big advantage to get your message delivered to the right targeted audience. On other social and digital mediums, the target percentage of delivery to the customers is at a significantly higher price.


Further, your email is sent to the people after their prior approval. So, it makes sense to send consistent mail to these people to get them acquainted with your services and products. Spamming is a big crime, and email marketing protects you from unconscious or conscious spamming errors.

One thing that marketers are very good at is their conversation skills. Their goal is constantly aligned towards converting potential customers into paying customers.


For the very conversation thing, there is no better way than emails. And when it comes to conversions, there isn’t a more powerful channel than email.


To take it to numbers, the average CTR of emails is somewhere around 3% whereas the same is around 0.6% for Twitter. After getting onboard your website, the rate of conversion is also significantly different.


Around 4.3% of visitors through email purchase something, whereas the figures for other social media are somewhere around 2.50 %. Moreover, it is quite easy to measure email marketing success as compared to social media campaign success.

Having seen email’s high conversion rates, it is quite predictable that they serve with good ROI for your company as well. Hence, email is the most cost-effective channel for companies to run their marketing campaigns.


It’s no rocket science, and in fact there is a reason behind the success of email marketing. Email marketing is run after prior research. Every message is personalized based on the customer’s behavior, preferences, and taste. While on the other hand, social media marketing sends similar messages to anyone with no legitimate prior research.


This brings a target audience approach and communication for customers and the marketers becomes really easy.


So, basically, everything that email marketing depends upon is customer data. Segmentation of that data based on various parameters like demography, age creates a customer persona, that brings success to the campaign by making the content consistently relevant.

    Unlike other social media channels where you are in acquaintance with your friends, families, or loved ones, email is a very professional medium. Mostly email is focused on business and professional objectives.

    Most businesses invest huge resources and money to attract more followers to their social media accounts to engage and expand their business circuit.


    Moreover, tech giants like Facebook are promoting an algorithm-based approach whereby even paid ads would be visible only on a few of the followers’ feeds.


    This makes marketers pretty much reliant on the practice that these tech giants pursue. Therefore, slight changes in their policies may completely disrupt the marketing strategies and plans of a company.


    But email isn’t a single-party-owned medium. So, the factor of domination or exclusionary practices is less possible. It is completely open and various services are provided to share and receive emails. So, the diverse involvement of various companies in emails prevents anyone’s domination.


    Moreover, investing to create your email list can be very helpful. This will help you leverage the utmost advantages of email marketing.

    While there have been instances of various social media platforms falling dramatically within a short span of time, email marketing can never go away. It has consistently been performing and has been top notch in most of the performance parameters.

    Like all the other marketers, you may also have channels to communicate with your customers. But resources are not always ample and you have to choose few from many.


    The reasons discussed above gives you a satisfactory conclusion that email marketing should be a consistent priority for marketers.


    So, start creating good content and pitch in your customers through email marketing.