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The case study explores how Mayra skin & Aesthetics Clinic leverage digital marketing

Dr. K.L. Patidar the renowned dermatologist based in central India started his clinic in Indore and wanted to have digital presence and branding to get footfall in his clinic.

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He started getting around 300 patients in a month & 90% of them are coming from digital platforms

Dr. K.L. Patidar is now practing on 5 different locations and have 2 clinics at Indore location.  

Here’s how…


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Group 25@2x

In today’s scenario when 80% of the population is having access to internet, not having a business website is itself creates lots of challenges. It is difficult for end-users to find if the business exists and the same was the challenge in this case with our customer, dermatologist & skincare expert. It is very difficult to create an online presence when you’re newly entered the market. This clinic has started its journey in 2018 and somewhere find it difficult to be visible in the huge crowd. Plus, it was difficult to build relationships with patients, share information and educate them about the services they provide, etc.

We have started working with Dr. K.L. Patidar with 3 stages of the objectives


  1. First we have created digital presence for him and his clinic.
  2. Second we worked on the branding to let people know about Mayra skin and aesthetics clinic and dr. K.L. Patidar
  3. And ultimately we worked to get more footfall in his clinic.

Digital Marketing Spends

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As the client has initiated his practice first he has the very low budget to be spent on digital marketing but with the growth he is increasing the spending on digital platforms. And the benefits are mentioned below


Patients are coming

from digital platforms


Returning visitors & amongst them 90% of them like how we stay connected with them through online platforms


Revenue growth

He Seeing in last 2 Years


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To achieve these objectives, by analyzing competitors and current market trends, we have created a digital marketing strategy that has resulted in a great response of the clinic. We have suggested them to first create digital presence, for that we have developed a website and created social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, GMB, etc.

Publish educational content.

Website optimization through working on Off-page submission to build links.

Focus on SEO part with GMB.

Technical/off-page error corrections.

Promotional activities such as run paid ads, templates and blog updates.


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9 million+ Spotify users


400 million


2x higher than benchmarks

Campaign Result

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Increased affinity & Consideration


60% of people surveyed would consider

streaming contnet on Netflix

Campaign Reach

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What Client Says

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Steve Fletcher

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This is a highly dependable area. When you are looking for organic leads, there can be no person who could commit an exact or even an approximate number. They depend on your business model, goals, requirements, and expectations. When it comes to paid ads, the leads can vary according to your budget and spending on the advertisements.

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