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The Case Study Explores How Mayra Skin & Aesthetics Clinic Leverage Digital Marketing

Dr. K.L. Patidar, a well-known dermatologist in central India, opened a clinic in Indore and needed a digital presence and branding to attract patients.

Group 24@2x

They started seeing approximately 500 patients every month, with 90% of them coming from digital platforms.

Dr. K.L. Patidar is now practing on 5 different locations and have 2 clinics at Indore location.  

Here’s how…


Group 117
Group 25@2x

In today’s scenario when 80% of the population is having access to internet, not having a business website is itself creates lots of challenges. It is difficult for end-users to find if the business exists and the same was the challenge in this case with our customer, dermatologist & skincare expert. It is very difficult to create an online presence when you’re newly entered the market. This clinic has started its journey in 2018 and somewhere find it difficult to be visible in the huge crowd. Plus, it was difficult to build relationships with patients, share information and educate them about the services they provide, etc.

We have started working with Dr. K.L. Patidar with 3 stages of the objectives


  1. First, we have created a digital presence for him and his clinic.
  2. Second, we worked on branding to let people know about Mayra Skin and Aesthetics Clinic and Dr. K.L. Patidar.
  3. And ultimately we worked to get more footfall in his clinic.

Digital Marketing Spends

Group 117

Because the client’s practice was new, he has quite a small budget for digital marketing, but as his business grows, he has increased his spending on digital platforms. And the results can be seen below


Patients are referred

from digital channels.


Returning visitors & 90% of them like how we keep in touch with them through online platforms


Revenue growth

he has seen in the last 2 years


Group 117

To achieve the aforementioned goals, we strategised a digital marketing plan based on competitors analysis and current market trends, which resulted in a positive response to the clinic. We advised them to first establish a digital presence, for which we developed a website and created accounts social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, GMB, and so on.

  • Then we have started with Technical and Onpage SEO.
  • Optimized social media channels with the right information
  • Created search engine presence with the help of local listings and Google My Business
  • With the help of Off page SEO we have started earning links from different authentic platforms that helped us to get rankings in the search engines.
  • After lots of analysis, and research on social media, we have designed monthly calendars that has grabbed amazing attention from the target audience.
  • Run paid ads to attract local audience where GMB ads and FB and Instagram ads helped us a lot.


Group 117




1200 Users in a Month


900 Calls (Inquiries) in a Month

Clinic Visits

500 Patients Visits Clinic

Campaigns Result

Group 117

Increased Affinity & Consideration



They started getting 20 – 30 calls (inquiries) for appointments on a daily basis as a result of Social Media and GMB advertising.

What Client Says

Group 117

Dr. K.L. Patidar

Mayra Skin & Aesthetics Clinic Digital Marketing

Team Zehntech has been amazing to work with. It has been a long-term engagement, and they have been with us every step of the way in solving each of our business challenge at its best. We have always got beyond expectation results and solutions with Zehntech, and they have a huge role in our success. We extend a grateful and heartful thanks to the team for their amazing solutions devised with great technical knowledge and skills and wish them growth and success.

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