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Create Shareable Online Content with These 8 Tips

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Online Content Marketing

Today’s marketing strategies rely heavily on content creation. Almost every company engages in content marketing in some way. Despite this, only a few companies produce content that engages Internet users effectively. Perhaps, engagement is crucial for content to achieve its true mission.

The psychology behind why users share digital content can be boiled down to a few things. There are a number of psychological factors that push people to engage in online activities, and the following are some of the examples:

  • Social Connection: It is the use of social media that creates a greater sense of altruism and connectivity among people and their ideas.

  • Social Approval: Everyone likes to express their opinions and receive positive comments from those around them. Shared content allows one to express one’s point of view.

  • Communication: Communication is a vital part of human existence. It is human nature to strive to build relationships with others, and digital content makes this more accessible.
Content Marketing

How To Create Engaging Content?

People interact online in a variety of ways, and because of this, it can be hard to segment these behaviors. However, considering these basic motivations may be an excellent way to begin when planning content to motivate users.


So, here are 8 practical tips I’ll share in this article to help you create interesting content that will spread across social media:

Internet users often scan text very quickly, and the more text presented to them the more likely they are to abandon the site. By using bullet points, numbered lists, and headers in your content, you’ll be able to indicate key information points quickly.

Content is good as long as readers and clients can put it into practice, but if your content cannot be put into practice, your content is not valuable to them. Ideally, content should solve users’ problems and demonstrate how to resolve them; this will build loyalty to the brand. Creating great content that provides value isn’t just easy, but will also be more shared.

Infographics convey information in an easy-to-understand way. The majority of Internet users share visual content on social media mainly because they come in the form of images. Creating an infographic is not so complicated as it may seem. It doesn’t even require graphic design experience. Create something that is valuable to your audience using your business expertise and data.
The most effective marketing campaigns involve evoking strong emotions in the audience. People are more likely to share digital content when they are feeling happy, angry, or sad and that’s been proven by various studies.
Talking about emotions, always try to trigger the essence of the good past. You can win over your audience if you analyze them precisely, and find out what content reminds them of good old times. It brings a sense of familiarity between your business and the customers.

    Everyone loves free stuff. Your products or services can benefit from using it occasionally to increase customer’s interest. On social media pages, users often announce giveaways based on a random drawing, which requires customers to share, like, or follow a page in order to be eligible for the same. An invested reward can then have a large and lasting effect that pays off many times over.
    Studies have shown that video content has become one of the dominant forms of online content. Thus, your content strategy must include video. It is also for this reason that Twitter – which was once known as a photo-sharing network – has added a video to its platform. Viral content has a much higher chance of going viral.
    The right contest can capture the attention of your audience and motivate them to share your content. Competition is one of the primary motives for sharing among users, and they usually do it with their friends and colleagues. Bringing the contest to life needs a strategic budget and an effective idea.

    It is one of the key attributes of a successful content strategy to continually learn new things and solve problems. Although content marketing does not require rocket science, a certain level of creativity, patience, and an analytical outlook are necessary. Effective strategies require analytical thinking, but that’s not all. This leaves plenty of room for creativity or at least, a certain amount of experimentation, such as video sharing and creating infographics.


    A solid business plan is at least half the battle. You’ll need to know your goals and develop a vision of your business. In the context of the business and industry you’re working in, you should also have extensive knowledge of the most effective and up-to-date tools.


    Therefore, as you consider the points above, you’ll always want to be considering and implementing them for content sharing, and you will eventually see a steep rise in your business.