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Cut the Fat Out of the System

Sales Funnel

One thing you absolutely hate getting accumulated in your bodies is fats. They are unwanted and only make you bulky. So, as you make your attempts towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle, supporting your fitness goals, one thing you generally focus on is cutting the fats out of your diets. Now, move this thing towards your Sales Funnel and Marketing Strategies. One thing you will absolutely hate in your Sales Funnel is your marketing strategies not working out for you. However, what you are feeding your sales funnel could be a big reason your marketing strategies may be failing. Just take it this way, you cannot be having all the kind of junk dumped into your body, lying around like a douche bag, and then expect your body to be well maintained, fit, and healthy. Well, that’s just the same with your sales funnel.

You need to maintain your sales funnel all the time. Reasons? Well, there’s not one. Let’s see why the sales funnel needs maintenance on a constant and continuous basis?

The business environment is dynamic, fast-paced, and technologies and trends are ever-changing. Your strategies need to keep up with them.

Your goals and objectives change over time. You want your performance to improve over time, you need better conversion rates, higher traffic, more leads. When these goals are changing, there is an obvious need for a change or improvement or enhancements in your strategies too. You cannot just stay in a place while expecting the other things to get better for you all by their own.

The tastes and preferences of your audience keeps evolving and changing and you need to keep up with them. The audience always want to have a look at something new, different, and unique. You cannot keep up the same styles throughout the years. You need to refurbish and revamp everything from your website to applications to strategies as you pace along your journey in the corporate business world.

So, your sales funnel requires constant work on it so that you get great results. However, as you work on your sales funnel, you often realize it’s not as easy as it had seemed in the first place. Well, the fact is, it is SIMPLE, but you make it difficult. Here’s what happens.

You have plethora of options that look like shiny objects and you are intrigued to try all of these options. What happens in the process is you keep listing the options, planning them out, trying them through, without having even the faintest idea of where it’s leading or where will it all take you. Eventually, you have no clue where your strategies are going, and this will do you much bad than any good it’s bringing.

You need to understand that all that glitters is not gold. Your sales funnel will work wonders for you, all you need to do is, “Keep it Simple.” And the first step in doing that is cutting the fat out of the system. What does that mean?

It simply means that you need to keep what’s unwanted out. Just like you keep the unwanted, unhealthy fats out of your body to maintain it, you must treat your sales funnel as that body and then filter out the things in it. You surely have millions, trillions, and may be gazillions of options available with you, but trying it all out, well, that’s not at all the best course of action. A better strategy is to look through what you actually need and then work your way around it, so you have the perfect idea of what you are doing and where is it leading you.

Now, the big question is how do you get rid of all this junk in your systems? The best way is to start identifying where it is coming from in the first place. To cut out the fat, you need to know what’s it. So, have close look into your sales funnel and identify all the things that are not giving much value to you. It could be the social media platforms you are using, your email lists, irrelevant pieces of content on your blog or website, marketing tools, or anything else. It’s time to get rid of all these things.

Here are some ways you can make sure that you are not wasting time on what’s unproductive for your marketing strategies.

5 Ways to Cut the Fat Out

Segregate and Consolidate Your Email Lists


Email Marketing comes as a very useful marketing tactic. Emails are a fast, easy, and convenient way to reach your clients and sell your services and products to them while also making interpersonal connections and client relationships. However, when you run your email marketing campaigns, you need to keep track of information and while it’s easier for one or two campaigns in the initial phase, as your strategies build up, you take to more campaigns, your lists start to grow, managing the information can become a very hectic task.

It is not actually possible to remember in full the details of a campaign you started months ago. So, when working for your next email marketing strategy or campaign, if in case, you come across an e-mail list of some campaign that had been really old, you probably will have no clue on how to use that list. Possibilities are that list might not even be relevant to you now.

A great way to avoid this situation is to segregate and consolidate your email lists. As you consolidate your email lists, you have fewer lists to manage and maintain, which takes away a big burden off your shoulder. Also, segregating the sheets give you a clear idea about their purposes and you can easily reach to the list you were looking for.


Eliminate the Email Autoresponders


Auto responses had been in trend for quite some time. Even for the email marketing campaigns, businesses preferred to keep up with the autoresponders having pre-drafted emails for all types of queries, problems, issues, and even leads. Whatever the kind of services the person behind the screen is inquiring, there can be an autoresponder for each of them. However, this simply means using more software and tools which in turn means more maintenance. You can be really stuck with these systems without them doing much good for your marketing goals.

The fact is these autoresponders will become obsolete as soon as you shall have drafted them. Moreover, nothing works better than a personally drafted, personalized response for each of your clients and customers. Yes, that of course takes time, but you are even investing time in managing and maintaining a brilliantly outdated and hectic system of autoresponders which is hardly doing you any good. Why not try invest time in something that is worth it?

In any case, email marketing is done with the goal to build a personal connect with your audiences, and leaving the job to autoresponders is not going to serve that purpose. So, cut out on using these, so you are free from the maintenance and management task of complex and hectic tools and software.


Use Your Tools Wisely


Just like email autoresponders, there are a hell lot of tools available for you to cater to your marketing goals and objectives. But you have to be very wise and prudent in using them. Just because you have an option does not mean you have got to take it.

How many times does it happen that you get yourself a thing believing that you will put it to some use, not actually knowing what use, and later, that thing is just rotting somewhere around your place, somewhere in a corner that you don’t even know exists. Well, this can happen with the tools you are using for marketing as well.

With so many tools available, you may be overwhelmed to purchase them, might make an impulsive buy as well, but then the tool does not come of as much use to you. It’s time you eliminate such tools from your system.

Have a look at all the tools that you are having for your marketing, then check what tools you are actually using. Next is to see if the tools you are using are giving you value or not. If they are not giving you any value, you may as well not use them at all. Cut out on all such tools that are just taking space in your systems without giving their worth to it.

Another strategy you can follow is looking for tools serving multiple purposes and goals. There are chances that you may be using one tool for a particular purpose and another for some other purpose, while there is a tool available that can simultaneously support both the purposes. For instance, you are using one tool to design images for your social media campaigns, and yet another tool for creation and editing of videos for the same campaigns. The fact is, you can easily find one single tool that can support both, images designing as well as video creation. So, a more convenient option will be finding such tool and putting it to use. Moreover, that shall be cost-efficient as well.


Choose Your Social Platforms Prudently


The world is going social and so are the businesses in attempt to promote themselves and reach a wider audience. However, you need to strategize your marketing goals very prudently and intelligibly when you plan to go social. You cannot just blindly go on every social media channel available, make accounts, and start marketing. For the starters, that will be too many accounts to manage, only making your systems bulky and maintenance hectic. Secondly, you don’t have your target audience on every social media channel. Promoting yourselves where you don’t even have an audience is just a waste of time and efforts, and you surely don’t want to do that.

So, you may want to cut out on the social media channels you are using as a part of your marketing strategies. Have a complete look through the channels and platforms you are using and analyze what’s giving results and what’s not. It’s time to leave those channels that your audience is not using.

You would do yourselves a real favor if you cut out the accounts you have to manage and keep them to minimum, so that you can efficiently focus on your goals and strategies while being sure that you are marketing yourselves on the right channels.

Content is the Key


Content has a lot to do in making you achieve your digital marketing goals. It is your content that ranks over the search engines and Google will always favor well maintained, well pruned, well organized content. So, you always need to keep up with your content.

A great way of doing that is cutting out the content that is not giving any value to your business or website. There could be a lot of content on your website or blog that does not relate to you, your business, and its ideals in any manner whatsoever. Even if this kind of content is ranking, this is just as unwanted as any tool that you are not using or a social media channel where you do not have your customer base in any manner. What you need to do is let this kind of irrelevant content go from your systems.

Another tactic is to go back to the older content and see if and how it can be enhanced. Even a small thing like changing the date of publishing of the content can work wonders to bring organic traffic to your website or blog. Refurbishing the content can go to a whole different level if you only get it right.

It does not take much time for you either. You can pick some pieces of content, go through them, work on them all over, change a few things here, a few things there, and then republish it on your website. This way you can easily bring in more marketing success with your old pieces of content while you keep removing the ones that are not providing any significant value.




An important thing to be kept in mind when putting efforts into your marketing strategies is that you need to create value to achieve success. Going up the sales funnel is important, and that can happen only when that funnel is not bulky. Cutting out the things that are not worth your efforts will create a space to put in things that can bring success.

The maintenance costs within the sales funnel can be high and the processes can become too hectic if you are not careful about keeping it clean, sleek, and simple.

When you cut out the fat, you just grab yourselves the opportunity to make your sales funnel the desired lean and mean conversion machine. Everyone wants this, right? So, why wait any further? Start the elimination process now and get the very best out of your marketing attempts.