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Facebook Lead Generation Ads To Grow Your Business

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Facebook, the platform that transformed social media and still continuing to do so. Social Media has seen its growth with Facebook. The platform was an instant hit and even after almost 2decades of its launching, the platform has not lost its popularity at all.


Most people actually start and end their day with Facebook and even during their breaks, they would love to scroll through the posts to keep themselves engaged for a good time. That scenario been considered, Facebook can be an amazing space to grow any business if leveraged right.


From social media marketing for establishing a brand visibility and growing brand trust to using it for creation of e-commerce marketplace to enhance the sales, Facebook is at its core to bring fantastic results. Moreover, Facebook ads are another area that work amazingly for the business growth and success.


If you’ve been using the platform right for your business, then you’re probably aware of the different advertisements that can be run on Facebook. However, did you know that you could use Facebook ads as effective lead magnets as well?

Facebook Lead Generation Ads are one of the newest features on the platform that you can use for effective lead generation.

Facebook Leads Ads

What are Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

Putting it in the simplest terms, Facebook Lead Generation Ads are an advertisement for bringing in leads for the business who you can connect with later on for making the sales pitches through strategies like email marketing, content marketing, etc.


These ads are created with an attractive content and a CTA button. As soon as someone clicks the CTA button, (s)he is redirected to an auto-filled form. This form is editable and the user can fill in the additional information contained in the form as well.


The basic idea is to get data about the prospective customers so that you can drive in higher website traffic and make conversions and sales thereby earning business scalability and profitability.


Now the question is, how could you use these ads at the best? So, let’s peek into the same and know everything that you could do with Facebook Lead Generation Ads to enhance the number of leads coming in to your business.

How to Use Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

The basic idea behind these ads is to collect the relevant information and data. But there are many ways you could do that. So, why particularly Facebook Lead Generation Ads? Well, the answers lie in the way you could use them.


These advertisements have so much to offer and they definitely cater to brilliant capabilities. So, let’s have a look at how can you use these ads at best to exponentially enhance your lead generation capabilities.

These advertisements provide for the most amazing customization abilities. Personalized experiences are what count in today’s time and when you’re wanting to generate leads, you want to do it in accordance with your business-specific needs and requirements. So, customization becomes crucial.


With Facebook Lead Generation Ads, you’ll never face any limitations for the customization. Whether you want to have a simple form filled for information and want to add specific and unique questions to the same or want to provide some lead magnets like brochures, videos, e-books, newsletters, etc., in exchange for information, Facebook Lead Generation Ads allow it all.

Not every person who clicks through your links and CTAs would take actions, especially when they see forms to fill in. Their first instinct will be to go back rather than filling a form. At that point, if you’re offering them a form that’s pre-filled and all they’ve got to do is tap on that “Submit” button, they’d be more than happy to do that.


Facebook Lead Generation Ads make use of this idea. In these ads, the forms read the information from the leads Facebook account and fill it there. The user only needs to fill in the additional information which can be the questions you’ve put in the form. This is something that most people are likely to do. So, that increases your chances for lead generation by many times.

Mostly, when you’re generating leads, the information doesn’t come directly to the business’ CRM software. It’s much of a hassle since you need to feed the information in the software, compiling it from every lead generation source. Well, not with these lead generation ads.


You can easily integrate these ads to the CRM software, and as soon as a lead comes in, it’s automatically updated in the software as well, saving you from all the hassles of the manual activities. Easy-Peasy!

    With these ads, you can even provide the customers with better communication access by using the Schedule Calls options. The leads can not only fill up the forms but schedule calls with you as well and you can better attend to their queries and questions, and who knows they would just convert over those calls.


    So, it’s a win-win situation for both you as well as the leads. They get their doubts cleared and you make a sale. Bingo!

    This is the best that you get with Facebook Lead Generation Ads. With these ads, you mostly get the leads that are sure to convert, since only the people who are really interested in the products and services would fill the forms. So, you can be sure to have amazing leads that are going to bring some great sales to the business thereby enhancing the profitability by many times.

    So, Ready to Leverage Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

    Facebook Lead Generation Ads can be the best medium for generating exciting traffic to your website. There’s a lot that they can offer, only if you explore. So, when are you exploring this amazing feature on Facebook?


    If you need any help with Facebook Advertisements, feel free to get in touch! Our talented experts are ever-ready to help you enhance your lead generation with amazing and creative strategies.