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How to Create Brand Awareness and Lead Business Growth with Social Media Marketing?

Business Growth with Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become an integral part of our lives today. The day starts with grabbing our phones, checking for messages and notifications on our social media accounts and ends at the same. Throughout the day, we keep switching between channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, and the list could be endless. And most people are on these platforms for entertainment.


The general audience does view social media as just another way to entertain themselves, looking through the videos and pictures, reading through some stories, etc. However, let’s take a closer look at the picture of social media these days. You can see the platforms filled up with advertisements and brand promotions all over.

Social Media Marketing has been at its core for creating a brand value for the businesses and helping them gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. With a social branding, it has been easier for the businesses to create a niche for themselves, reach a wider audience, and achieve business growth and success.


Whether it’s a small business, a startup, or an already well-recognized brand, no organization is keeping any ends loose in leveraging social media for creating a brand awareness by driving engagements from their customers and ultimately backing leads and conversions.


However, to keep up in this social media marketing game and up your brand, it is important that you get your strategies right, so that you may constantly improve and enhance your social media branding.


Here are seven tips to make sure that you have got your marketing strategy strong enough to get you amazing results that lead business growth and success.

7 Tips to Up Your Social Media Branding

Be Prudent in Choosing the Channels

With the list of social media channels being endless, you need to be very prudent in choosing the social media channel for marketing your brand. You have to present yourself at a place where your target audience can see you.

Every social media channel is different and so is the audience using those channels. You cannot expect every person using every social platform alike. People only use what they most closely relate to. And that’s exactly what you need to do.

It seems like a great strategy to go all social, create accounts on every channel available and keep marketing everywhere. But this could in fact be the biggest fail ever. First, it shall become really hectic for you to manage the different accounts on different channels. Secondly, it may not go well with the demographics of your brand.

Since every social media channel is different, its audience and demographics are different. So, you have to dig into those demographics. It will create no value for you promoting a brand on a channel where the demographics is 18-24, when your target demographics is 35-50. Your prospective audience is not on that channel, so whatever efforts you are putting into that channel, they are just wasted.

So, you need to do your research, look for social media demographics, check what your target audience wants, then choose the channels for marketing. Additionally, keep a check on the metrics as you select your channels so that you are aware about the performance of your brand.

Be Proactive in Using the Channels You Have Chosen

Once you have chosen the channels that fit your demographics and marketing goals, the next step is using them to their best advantage and capabilities. The channels are different and the way you promote content on each of these channels has to be different as well.


You just cannot pick up one post and place it on all the channels you have chosen to market your brand. It’s better to customize your post for each platform based on the ways that platform is used by the audiences. For instance, people mostly use Facebook looking for some entertainment, so some good, well-curated video content will serve as the best kind of posts here. However, when you talk about LinkedIn, it’s more of a professional platform that people use for job searches and other business purposes, so for this platform, some corporate news item, well-written professional content, job posts, etc., these will serve as the best kind of posts.


So, you need to sift through the platforms and their audiences and then decide what to post where. When you post just the content the audience is looking for, there are better chances for engagement and the people will more closely relate to your brand thus creating a niche for you and enhancing the brand awareness.

Use the Visuals Intelligibly

The visuals, the images that you use with your posts on the channels speak a lot more than the words. They have a different and a classic appeal to them and can engage your audience better. So, you need to use the visuals very wisely.


The visuals must have capability to set an identity for your brand. The colors and fonts that you use for your images must be consistent and well-aligned with your brand. If you maintain a consistency with the images, they will help create a brand identity and build equity for your brand.


When deciding the colors for the images, make sure to play around the colors that make up your logo. Your logo sets you apart from your competitors, so when you will use the same color schema for your post visuals, it will create a theme and make the audience easily identify that it’s a post by you. It’s also a great idea to use your logo with your posts so that it will work as your avatar and a separate identity.


Another great idea would be designing templates for your posts to maintain the consistency. With pre-designed templates, you only have to edit the posts and that will also save you time and bring pace in your marketing efforts which is very important in this fast-paced dynamic business environment.

Set a Style and Tone with Your Content

It’s not only the visuals that catch the attention of your target audience. Your audience want to know what you have to offer them, what is it that you want to speak to them. So, the words that you are using with your posts will go a long way in creating an impression over your target audience. You have to find a style and a tone that closely and deeply resembles with and related to your brand.


For creating this style and tone, you must pay attention to your company culture. Look at what your company is about, what does it offer, what’s its vision and mission, what’s important to your brand? One thing that will really help you sell is knowing what’s it that makes you stand apart and different from the crowd. What is it that you have that your competitors do not? Your Unique Value Proposition and the way you put it is very important for creating your brand value.


Another thing you need to keep in mind while setting the tone is your audience. The audience does not actually want to just keep listening about you. They want their demands to be welcome and fulfilled. So, you need to look into those demands and present yourself in a way that tells your audience about how you can serve them and be beneficial to them. The audience is always asking the question as to “Why should they choose your brand?” You need to provide them an answer to this in your process of creating a social branding for your business.

Give Deep Thoughts to What You Are Posting

Nothing can turn off the audience as faster than a piece of irrelevant content on your website and social media channels. You want to avoid that at every cost. Your social media must be filled with content that is consistent, relates closely to your brand, serving its message, and is crisp, clear, and interesting.

You need to make sure that you are sharing unique and meaningful content. The best way is content curation. You can find authoritative content from different sources, create the content taking inspiration from these contents and share it with your audience to give them value out of your posts. This will keep your audience engaged with your business and help build your brand as well.

It’s always a good idea to use humor and slight bit of healthy sarcasm in your content since who does not like a little laugh when reading through the posts and articles on social media. It’s entertainment we are looking for at the end here!

The most important point is to stick to your brand proposition. You only need to post what brings value to your brand and your target audience in the end for your posts do give you the best results from the marketing efforts. Moreover, sticking to your area of expertise will work well in keeping your content reliable and the target audience more confidently trusting it.

Indulge in Cross Promotion

While you have several social media profiles and accounts, none of them need to work in isolation to the others. In fact, it has to be just the opposite. You can use all your social media profiles to promote the profiles on other channels as well. The best example is linking all your profiles to your website. Additionally, you can provide the information about your social channels on all your print media so that the people connected with you in a traditional marketplace can also go digital with you. It’s also a good idea to share links of blog posts and other content from channel to channel.


The motive here is to go between the platforms and make sure that each of the platform you are using is getting equal attention. This cross-platform approach will help enhance the social traction which will work great for increasing the reach and engagement for the brand and making the brand big.

Focus on Engagement

It’s not enough to just keep posting and marketing. You need to focus on the engagement as well. You need to make sure that your audiences and customers are connecting with you. These engagements are measured through the likes, comments, and shares you are receiving. The higher these metrics go, the more successful is your social media marketing.


The best way for engagement is engaging via comments. Comments offer a direct medium to converse with the audiences and you can know their queries, viewpoints, opinions, suggestions, and take them into consideration for planning out future strategies. It’s also through these comments that the customers file in their complaints, so it is important for you to be very proactive in responding to them, so that the issues are instantly resolved and the audience can see you as a brand they can rely on.


It’s also great to post content that brings in engagement. For instance, you can end your post with a question. You are sure to receive answers to it and that will help you gain consumer insights as well which will be helpful for designing the products and services in future.


Social Media Marketing is an amazing tool in business’ hands to enhance their brand value and get a competitive edge over their competitors. The marketing, when done right, with the proper tactics and strategies, can build up your brand value paving the path of business growth and success for your organization.


However, it’s at the core of social media marketing to keep fine-tuning the strategies so that you can always excel at the brand awareness creation game. These seven tactics are always going to help you keep your strategies fair and at best giving you a proven way for controlling your social media presence and branding while achieving business growth, profitability, and success.