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Is Your Content Not Ranking Higher? It’s Time to Perform These Quality Checks!

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Rank Your Content

The digital marketing industry is in the boom and among other things, Content is what helps achieve growth in this sphere. With great content, it’s easier to rank the websites higher and drive more traffic thereby enhancing lead generation and conversion. However, with millions of websites floating all over the web and the ever-changing algorithms, ranking content has never been easy.


The ranking for content totally depends on what shall behold the crawlers and the only thing that will hold them is the content quality. However, what makes up for a rank worthy quality content? Is it just the keywords? Or is it the content length? Or is it about how relevant is the entire content to the primary topic? Or is it a blend of these factors and a lot more than that?


Well, gone are the days when the content used to just rank on the basis of keywords and content length. With the changing algorithms, there are innumerable factors that need to be looked at. Now, the content ranks on its relevancy, comprehensiveness, accuracy, depth, structure, completeness, and a lot of other factors like these.


Google Algorithms look for SMART content for ranking them. Now what does SMART content look like?

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Quality Checkes to Rank Content Higher

SMART is an abbreviation for Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely content. So, whatever you write must be simple and something that can be weighed with practicality so that it would seem realistic to the reader. You can write something like “Lose weight in 2Days” and expect the readers to believe it, because surely that’s unattainable. Additionally, the content has to be relevant and timely as well. You miss posting the content on the right time, and it’s not worth anymore.


So, there is a brief about how a content must look like to be rankable. But how would anyone achieve that?


Well, it’s the quality checks that would help. So, let’s get an overview of the major checks that are an imperative to enhance the quality of a content and rank it higher on the SERPs.

When talking about content quality, it generally comes down to how beautifully it has been written with a perfect style, structure, relevancy, and technical depth. SEO-friendliness of the content is a major factor too. So, you need to check on all these factors at length to have a quality, rank-worthy content.


Let’s get into details for the most important quality checks required for ranking content at the top of the search engines.

Remember the times when the content just ranked upon the insertion of a particular keyword all through its structure? Well, that used to be really easy. However, it doesn’t work that way anymore.


The algorithms don’t look at specific keywords now. The focus remains on the user search intent. Rather than focusing on a specific term, the crawlers now check how relatable the content is with that one specific term and how beautifully the content is designed to have relatable terms, keywords, phrases, and subtopics.


So, semantic SEO plays a major role in keeping the quality of content. Semantic SEO refers to the optimization of related keywords, terms, and phrases in the content to make it more relatable and consistent with the user search intent.


Let’s take an example. Suppose you’re writing a content in the health niche, take a topic, for instance, let it be, “5 Keys to Healthy Living”. Now, your major keyword can be healthy living, but using just that in the content wouldn’t help with the rankings. Instead, keep the content a mix of related key terms, for instance, use keywords like exercise, fitness, nutrition, food, meditation, yoga, etc. This is going to work amazingly in enhancing the richness of the content and richer content will definitely rank higher.


Now, while you’re at it, make sure to not just stuff these related terms in the content. Place them intelligibly so that they appear naturally within the flow of the content.


You can even find different Semantic SEO tools that can help with enhancing the content quality and make sure that it ranks higher over the search engines.

    How the content appears throughout the structure of the web-page is an important factor that the algorithms check to determine its quality. When you’ll work on the deeper aspects and pay attention to Semantic SEO to keep up with the first quality check, the content will surely be longer. However, it’s essential that the content does not lose its basic architecture due to the length. It needs to be consistent with the design and architecture of the website.


    As you work on the content, ensure including suitable titles and titles in the content. The Title tags and Heading tags are an important part of the content structure. Make sure that these tags are used right from the SEO perspective. The right paragraphing and paraphrasing of the content is highly important.


    Additionally, internal linking throughout the structure of the content also adds up to its quality. The internal links indicate that there is more relatable information on the website and that simply helps increase the website’s authority.


    Other factors that need to be kept a check on for keeping up with a good structure are that the content is not redundant. Duplicate content never ranks, so every effort must be made to eliminate the content duplicacy.


    Also, a site map is important. The crawlers would really appreciate if you told them the relevancy in the content by your own. So, upload a sitemap with the content structure so that it’s easier for the crawlers to determine content relevancy and relatability with the other pages on the website.

    Quality content doesn’t come easy. While knowing how to write well is essential, optimizing what’s written is equally important. Aforementioned are two major quality checks which if taken care of contribute to highly rank-worthy content.


    Were you missing out on these checks? Don’t do that anymore.


    If you’re looking for high-quality content generation that brings great rankings at scale, get in touch now! We would love to know about your business and help with efficient content generation that would support business growth and scalability.