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Latest Digital Marketing Trends In 2022 

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Digital marketing Trends

Digital marketing was a hidden fact in earlier years but as the industry got bombed people understood the importance of these two words. 


As a result of all the updates by Google and its updating algorithms, digital marketing caught millions of eyes and thus is the choice of career for many aspiring adults.  


Before moving to the latest digital marketing trends let’s talk about the latest google algorithm. Further, even after having years of experience, many digital marketing experts are not aware of the June 2021 Update of the google algorithm. 

Digital Marketing Trends

Quick Glimpse Of 2021 Google Algorithm Update

Google’s last update was named “Page experience Update”. The intention behind this update was to improve the user experience by prioritizing pages that offer a quality page performance. 


Further by quality performance, it means that the page must deliver fast load times, and a non-shifting, stable page. 


Furthermore, the 2021 update of google bought the three new metrics in a picture which helps in measuring both speed and overall page experience. The term used for these metrics is core web vitals.  


Core web vitals are a combination of largest Contentful paint (LCP), first input delay (FID), and cumulative layout shift (CLS).  


Meanwhile, the measurements of the loading speed, responsiveness, and stability of a website improved leading to a better user experience. 


Further after the update of this algorithm website analysis got shifted towards improving user experience and thus worked for this. 


Now let’s discuss the latest digital marketing trends introduced in 2022 


AI in Marketing 


The first digital marketing trend on our list is AI in marketing. Meanwhile, the market is well aware of the fact that AI is going to take over every aspect of your life in the future. Further across multiple apps and websites, 60% of internet users for solving queries have already interacted with an AI chatbot. To make our stay engaged for longer our social media platforms are fine-tuned by AIs and it can be seen in most of the content we consume. 


By 2025 this technology is assumed to be a $190 billion industry giving digital marketers all around the globe the opportunity to exploit this hi-tech tool. 


Further, the best thing about AI is that it teaches itself just by analyzing huge amounts of data about a certain field or topic and learns the patterns that work the best. 


As a result, if a digital marketer knows how to employ AI it will act as an extension and can serve many different functions.  


In the same way, AI is considered to be cost-efficient, precise, and extremely effective. For example, Many giant industry players like JP Morgan have adopted this technology. 




It is not just Facebook, it covers everything which is present in a persistent environment where people work, play, and socialize indeed. In brief the virtual world of augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D holographic avatars, and video—falls under Metaverse. 


On the whole, it is said that Metaverse has the power to offer an entirely new set of performance metrics.  


In simple words, Metaverse is popularly known as a world within our world. As a result with a network of realities/virtual universes Metaverse has made social commerce possible where space exists almost everywhere. Meanwhile, a whole new medium of digital marketing can be created by filling that space by digital marketers. 


Along with this, it allows marketers to analyze things like how long virtual objects are held. As a result, they can detect the space virtual objects take up in a user’s peripheral vision.  

Further, the knowledge about the audience can be remapped through these insights and an invaluable direction can be detected to move forward. 




The digital assets which you can trade are known as Non-Fungible Tokens.


Linking NFTs with digital marketing could be quite difficult to understand so let’s take an example. Suppose there is a musician who wants to sell his music now, in general cases he has to do it through streaming platforms. But with the help of NFTs, he can sell his music directly to his fans. 


As a result to create a closer relationship with your audience you can adopt NFTs. Meanwhile, in the physical and emerging virtual worlds, NFTs can be used in creating personalized marketing campaigns.  


To illustrate something which cannot be exchanged for something of equal value is the non-Fungibles. Second, the digital version of non-Fungibles is known as NFTs. 


As a result in order to create a way to build community among customers, we can expect brands to start to sell or give away their own NFTs. 




There are many crypto startups developing day by day. Additionally most of these are fake and thus it is difficult to judge the authenticity of this startup.  


As a result to make people believe in you the content, videos, reviews, case studies, podcasts, articles on reputable crypto platforms, social media, and PR you create must be excellent.  


Further to reach a large audience digital marketing agencies currently use a shorter path. As a result target the audience as per their analysis. Crypto will reduce the number of parties involved in advertising campaigns.

Do you know the parties involved in an advertising campaign? These are: 

  • The Consumer 
  • The Advertiser 
  • The Content Creator 
  • The platform hosting the advertisement (e.g., Google, Facebook, YouTube) 

Meanwhile, with the help of blockchain advertising, the platform that hosts the advertisement can be eliminated. But how? 


Instead of uploading on the advertising platform, the marketers can now upload their advertisements to a blockchain. And what will blockchain do? 


As a result, the blockchain will make it available to its platform users. Hence in an advertisement in the future the interacting parties will only be: 


  • The consumers 
  • The advertisers 
  • The blockchain (which supports the transactions between the consumer and advertiser) 

Voice Search Optimization 


Further, voice search dominates the search landscape. Instead of typing keywords, everyday users prefer to speak into their devices and thus this has become a convenient way to search for queries. 


As a result, the introduction of voice assistants has led to a technological breakthrough. For instance, it is said that the ones who are still not investing in voice search optimization are missing a prime opportunity to earn sales.  


Along with this the optimization of your pages to appear in the voice searches is termed voice search optimization.  


Further to find nearby businesses more than 55% of people use voice search and so you must invest in this strategy to reach those people. 


Voice search drives sales. For instance here are a few voice search optimization tips: 


  • Conversational queries do the Optimization
  • Start by building your local presence and optimize it 
  • Begin by answering queries directly 
  • Optimizing for SEO 

As a result, it is estimated that by the end of, 50% of all online shopping will be conducted through voice results. Therefore, to grab all these benefits it is absolutely essential to make your website ready for voice search. 


Video Marketing 


One of the top digital marketing trends in 2022 is Video Marketing. The video marketing benefits are: 


They improve the conversion rate indeed

further enables the consumers to share brand videos 

As a result, it makes the consumers more confident in online purchase decisions 

Compared to plain text, video content is 50 times more likely to drive users 

Regardless of the device, a video can present long-form information in a much better way than a text form. And as per the analysis, video content is more captivating; thus, google brings such sites on top.


Content Marketing and BERT update 


BERT update of google impacts 10% of search queries. Related to natural language processing, the BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a deep learning algorithm.  


BERT, since it works on the content and needs more conversational text, will not help websites that are poorly written.  


BERT improves the understanding of search queries by Google. instead of web pages, BERT analyzes the search queries.  

Google can understand the usage of synonyms without requiring the main keywords to be necessarily present. The previous sentences and succeeding sentences make Google understand the context of a sentence.  


Hence content writers have to focus on pages that provide a great experience for the user and hence marketing such articles will be beneficial.  


Omnichannel Marketing 


Omnichannel is done in order to have gained multiple touchpoints. It is a process of marketing across numerous platforms. It is considered to be the most noteworthy digital marketing trend in 2022.


Meanwhile, brands or businesses can represent themselves in multiple ways in front of the target customer. 


Therefore, to generate great results for 2022 utilizing multiple channels can be beneficial and the reasons for this are: 


Before making a purchase more than 65% of consumers use various platforms. 


Omnichannel strategies generate up to 80% of store visits. 

Along with this, a conversion rate of almost 50% is found in Omnichannel involving SMS campaigns. 


Almost 90% customers prefer online customer services. 

As a result, Omnichannel Marketing can achieve meeting customers where they are with the right message at the right time.



To sum up, digital marketing is quite dynamic and hence is being updated on a daily basis. As a result the ways of communicating our products change every year with the pace of rising technologies. Further to deliver the best value to your clients you must keep up with these trends. For more such latest updates on digital marketing stay tuned and keep reading our blogs