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Lead Generation Through Content Marketing: Techniques and Strategies

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Lead generation through content marketing

Even the most advanced marketing technologies can get pauperized if the content strategy has loopholes. The content strategy formulated for marketing must stringently align with the buyer’s demands, choices, profile, and marketing trends. Your content should delicately touch the viewer’s point of view and should be perpetual enough to be drooled upon.


Most marketers are well aware of the importance of precise content, however, sometimes their suboptimal decisions squash conversion rates that severely disrupt the further stages of a prospect’s buying cycle.


The reason behind such a significant rate of failure is that businesses are not aware of the important methods of generating potential, leads. They fail to recognize that a buyer will never be ready to buy their product unless they provide or tell the customers some benefits of their products. They do not regularly optimize their campaigns to generate more leads and boost sales. Moreover, it has been found that more than 30% of start-ups fail in their initial two years just because of unsustainable content strategies.


Problems are many, but the cause is broadly only one- unplanned content marketing methods.


So, lead generation holds significant importance for any business in terms of its growth prospects, and to persuade your customers to buy your products, good and valuable content is of the utmost necessity.


But how should marketers create such content that generates leads with high conversion rates?

Lead Generation with Content Marketing Strategy

6 Ways to Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

In this guide, we’re going to tell you 6 such methods that will increase your lead generation manifold.

You can definitely generate a substantial number of leads, but are you sure if any of them will convert?


The very rudimentary principle to create content is that it should perfectly fit your ideal customers. Furthermore, the leads that you generate must convert because if they don’t, you will end up losing a tremendous number of resources and time.


So, what exactly is customer persona?


A customer persona is an analytics-based profile used to categorize customers suitable for a particular brand. A customer persona is the representation of the ideal customer for your business.


Once you have a fair idea about your prospective customers, you can generate suitable content for them to address their needs and requirements.


The details that need to be given importance while building a customer persona are:


  • Biography: Details like age, name, income, location are included.
  • Ambitions and priorities: The hopes, goals or dreams of the customers are checked.
  • Problems: All the problems and questions are addressed.
  • Objections: All the complaints and objections of the customers are addressed.


Answering these questions helps you determine your target audience. This ultimately guides you to develop such content that the customer is in need of. When the needs of customers are met, they readily come under your product’s influence which improves the conversion rates.


Some of the prominent tools used to build customer persona:


  • Quantcast: Using AI, Quantcast helps you understand and track your audience.
  • Facebook Audience Insights: Located in the Facebook ad manager, it helps with information on the audience and customers. There is an option to manually add interests that you want to research that gives you deeper insights on the audience.

There are various types of content available. To bring profitable ROI, your content should strictly suit the audience. A suitable marketing campaign would generate traffic on your website, and that would lead to more leads and potentially more sales.


The types of content that generate huge traffic on your website are:


Video Content: Videos are one of the most effective ways to run a campaign. If planned well, videos make it easy for the customers to understand the product’s features. A well-focused and precisely optimized video is shared more bringing in more traffic.


Podcasts: Evolution is an integral phenomenon of the digital world. The podcast is a new result of this continuous evolution. Generating content through podcasts is enormously beneficial. There are more than 700,000 podcasts with more than 32 million episodes uploaded already. Moreover, podcasts bring you and your customers on the same platform to interact directly.


Social Media posts: The entire economic ecosystem of the world is directly or indirectly dependent upon social media. The reason is simple! More than 3 billion people today are using social media. So, social media gives you access to customers from across the world. A well-optimized social media profile can bring huge traffic to your website generating significant leads.


Infographics: Today, we are in the midst of a colosseum of visual content. So, you must master the visual marketing game to take the utmost advantage of infographics. Well-planned infographics have the potential to ramp up traffic on your website by manifold.


Blog Posts: An interested customer always looks for more information regarding the product. Blog posts help customers get insights into the product, building trust and hence increasing traffic on your website.


The increasing traffic can be traced by using various analytics methods. Once detected, you can offer these customers various information through methods like free eBooks, journals, news, trends, courses, and quizzes in exchange for their emails.


Once your email list is built, you can start with various campaigns to get the attention of your customers.

After you create content, it becomes necessary to decide the marketing channel you want to use for its distribution.


Two prominent channels used to distribute content are paid channels and organic channels.


Paid distribution channels: As the name suggests, you will have to invest money to use these channels. Paid channels bring immediate results. You can purchase ads for a well-optimized pay-per-click campaign which would bring quick traffic to your website. There are various channels where you can purchase ads. Some of them are:


  • Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Content Discovery Networks
  • Social media Ads


Organic distribution Channels: Organic channels are best if your budget is tight. However, unlike paid channels, organic channels are slow and gradual. The traffic generation due to organic channel takes time. However, once trust and credibility are built, organic channels bring significant traffic to your website. Some of the widely used organic distribution channels are:

  • YouTube
  • Search engines
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Lead magnets are free items or services given away to acquire the contact details of the visitors. They could be eBooks, newsletters, e-papers, etc.


Lead magnets play a very important role in generating leads. Having significant traffic can only help if your lead magnets are good enough. A productive lead magnet must have the following characteristics:


Accessible: The lead magnet should be easy to access. A complex process might result in a loss of leads.


User-centric: The lead magnet must solve the needs of the user. A lead magnet with value builds credibility and makes customers more likely to buy your products.


Distinct: You cannot afford to create a lead magnet with a generalist approach. It should always be specific with regards to the customers to acquire high conversions.


Precise: The lead magnet should be very precise and short. Overwhelming information neither helps the customers, nor the businesses. Precise information is easily and quickly understood.


Some fascinating lead magnet components to generate leads:


  • Resource lists: They are very precise and save a lot of consumer’s time.
  • Cheatsheets: These are surreptitiously used to prove a point-by-point guidelines to the consumers.
  • Examples: Every consumer faces some kind of problems with regards to a particular product and there always is some similarity in each of these problems. Solution oriented examples in exchange for their details are helpful for both the consumers and the businesses.
  • Templates: These are something that users are already on the hunt for. They are providing them with suitable templates that bring customer’s happiness to your website.
  • Checklists: They provide essential insights to the users about the products. This serves companies with a good convergence rate.

Landing page which is intended to generate leads are quite versatile, often used in the middle of the funnel which is a very important stage of a customer’s journey. Now if the website is not properly optimized, you may end up losing a significant number of leads.


There are various ways that can be implemented to optimize your landing page, a few are:


Write better Headlines: Make sure your landing page headline has a clear value proposition about your business.


Segment by channel: This helps you identify the strongest and the weakest sources of traffic on your webpage. For example, if your find that your conversion rate from PPC is high but low from emails; you can adjust your priorities and website based on such identification.


Keep attention ratio 1:1: What do you want someone to do on your landing page? If your main focus is on something specific, then try to give the visitor only one single path into that particular thing. Keep them away from distractions and optimize the page in a way that your priorities are met first.


Rigorously mention your value propositions: Tell the visitors how your offer can be helpful to the visitor. It is necessary to persuade the visitor to fill the forms to share their details.


Have a Clear CTA Button: Your CTA button should be eye-catching. The most prominent colors that could be used are orange, green, yellow, and red.

Through content syndication, you upload your content to third-party websites which are much famous and established than yours. This helps you generate more traffic on your website which increases the potential of generating more leads for your business.


Various platforms are working as syndicates many of that charge on a performance basis which means that you will have to pay just for the leads that were generated through syndication on their platform.


Platforms like Quora, Taboola, Facebook, Medium, etc., are prominent syndicate providers.

So here we are with few content marketing ways through which you can generate leads to grow your business. We hope these suggestions work for you to attract and convert leads.


There are enormous options for you, from writing a lengthy blog to small transcripts, and from a long informative YouTube video to a short 1-minute video on Instagram.


Everything is out there, all you have to do is to generate some amazing content, serve them with some lead magnets, and spread them through various platforms using various methods.