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GMB Ads Kit

Use this oneGet ready to skyrocket your sales with Meeraqe Google My Business Ads services. With us, conduct powerful GMB ad campaigns that are tailored to your specific needs, giving your products/services an edge in local customer acquisition.

Price :


6 Months

4 Experienced Professionals

24/7 Support


Reach Your Local Audience, Right Where They Are

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85% of consumers said they found incorrect information about a business on a business information site.

Elevate your business growth and embrace the relevant audience on your site by providing every necessary information and solution that visitors need. Ensure that your business information is accurate and up-to-date that enables your potential customers to find you and choose your business over others.

Start with creating and implementing a successful GMB Ads campaign to get the right kind of business exposure and attract high-quality local customers. Our proven strategy comprises targeting your ideal customer segments, affinity segments, and in-market audiences to grow your total customer base and increase your returning visitor rates.

Showcase your business information, products, and services by keeping your hours accurate, adding in-store products with photos, and managing & responding to reviews with us. By utilizing our GMB ad services, connect with your local customers and reach them right where they are – on Google search results, Google Maps, and other Google properties.

Plans Table : GMB Ads services

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FeaturesButterfly (Basic Plan)
Hummingbird (Intermediate Plan)
Sparrow (Advanced Plan)
Eagle (Enterprise Plan)
Platforms Covered
Minimum budget spending1500$/Month4500$/Month7500$ +/MonthCustomized
Claim ownership
GMB account Setup
Details and Description (SEO optimized)
Local store visit ADs
Local call only Ads
Number of Campaigns25 Unlimited(As per requirement) Customized
Local directory submission
Landing page copy writing
Setup visitor tracking
Keyword Research 30100UnlimitedCustomized
Review Management
Citaion Building
Store chain creation
Claim ownership
Visitor analytics reportOnce a month Twice a month WeeklyCustomized
Campaign Performance report Sharing WeeklyDailyDailyCustomized
Dedicated Account Manager

Types of Ads We Can Run for Your Brand

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Search Ads

Reach out to the right audience by placing Search ads and target relevant audience. Get easily discovered on Google search with the help of Search ads.

Performance Max Ads

Run a single campaign by placing your ads across different Google apps to bring in new leads, increase user experience, and thus ROAS.

Display Ads

Show your Display ads or Media-rich ads on websites, videos, and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN) to reach people with specific interests and drive brand awareness.

Shopping Ads

Showcase relevant ads with the proper description and a competitive price for the shoppers and encourage them to purchase from you.

Video Ads

Engage your audience through your video ads and drive conversions across websites & apps (like YouTube) that run through Google video partners.

App Ads

Compel your audiences to install your app by placing ads on Google's platforms to promote your brand and grow engagement.

Smart Ads

Promote your business to reach more customers and bring in more sales by highlighting your business’s unique selling points on Google.

Discovery Ads

Share your brand story to reach up to 3 billion customers across Google's feed. Optimize your campaign bids, spark customer interest and action, and drive engagement with richer, more relevant ads.

Business Social Media Audit

If social media profiles exist, tracking all the profiles (we shall need the credentials to access your profiles), analyzing them, and completing them to set the brand name. Analyzing the posts and current performance of the profiles with respect to likes, comments, sharing, and overall engagements.

Competitor Analysis

Tracking competitor profiles and analyzing them to understand how competitor brands in your niche industry are operating over the social media.

Strategy Creation

Blending the results of competitor analysis with our creativity and innovation and creating a unique strategy for enhancing your social media activities, engagement, and performance.

Social Media Calendar Designing

Designing the social media calendar according to the strategy as regards the post types, themes, and layouts.

Content Creation and Template Designing

Creating content for social media posts (image and caption content) and simultaneously designing the templates for the same in a creative style.

Postings and Scheduling

Working out the social media calendar, scheduling the posts, and uploading them accordingly. This will also include other processes like group sharing, post commenting, community/group creation, personalized communication, etc., running simultaneously.

Analysis and Modifications

Continuously monitoring the posts and engagements, analyzing the performance, and working on modifications to continuously enhance the performance, reach, and engagements.


Reporting on the activities performed and their results with detailed statistics on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis.

According to the Reviewtrackers studies, 57% of local searches are conducted using a mobile device or tablet.

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Get ahead of the competition by conducting a Google My Business ad campaign with a proactive, hands-on approach with us. Showcase your ads to reach mobile and tablet users to increase user experience, impressions, clicks, and RAOS. Allow us to assist you with conducting an effective GMB ad campaign that provides many benefits, including:
Powerful Insights Score

Gather powerful analytics and insights about your customers’ behavior with your GMB listing and optimize your profile to get significant results on Google.

Ensure Online Consistency

Keep your customers in the loop with consistent updates to your Google My Business listing. Provide complete business information to make them effortlessly contact and find you when needed.

Connecting You with Your Customers

Utilize Google My Business advertising services to easily connect with your customers by answering their queries and providing the exact solutions they are seeking.

Supercharge Your Online Presence

Appear in maps and Google local pack listings to boost your visibility. Our rich targeting capabilities allow you to reach your ideal buyers wherever they are located.

Puts You in Local Pack Listings

Get your brand featured in Google’s Local 3-Pack listing and stay ahead of the competition. Steer local businesses your way by appearing at the top of the user’s search results page and growing your online presence.

Boost Your Online Reputation

Show your positive customer reviews, provide the complete and right information, provide enhanced user experiences, and stay transparent to assist in building authority and trust.

The Process We Follow to Provide GMB Ad Services

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Initial Discussion

The process begins with kicking off a call for an initial discussion regarding your business and identifying ways to overcome your online business-related challenges. Then we list down the necessities and set up your profile accordingly.

Complete Analyzation

This phase includes an extensive analysis of your past ad performance, business, and competitors. Then, we choose a campaign type, refine the search terms, understand the user persona, review your landing page, leverage geo-targeting, and set an average daily budget.

Launching Ad Campaign

In the third phase, we implement the strategies, starting with selecting the best, most compelling ad copy from the ones we have created. Then, run your GMB ad campaign by providing all the necessary information and using relevant keywords.

Tracking and Improvement

Next, we continuously track, monitor, and optimize your GMB ad campaign and make data-driven decisions. By improving the copy, titles, keywords, thumbnails, & visuals of your campaign, we emphasize improving your ad performance to achieve significant results.


Finally, we prepare a report containing every action we take, every strategy we plan, the KPIs we achieve, and the strategies we plan for the next month.

Why Meeraqe?

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Dominate the Market

At Meeraqe, our GMB ad managers are highly skilled and equipped with the necessary expertise to help you dominate the market. They analyze data and metrics, identify areas for improvement, and adjust strategies accordingly to make you stand out from the crowd.

Proven Track Record

We believe in making our accomplishments known, so we have a proven track record of unlocking your online business growth. Outsource to us to start an effective ad campaign and get remarkable results.

Encourage Risk-Taking and Innovation

Our GMB ad managers propose new ideas, emboldened to test them and reach lofty business goals. They do experiments by encouraging risk-taking and innovation and then help drive results, including higher clicks, impressions, CTA, and ROAS.


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1.Can you provide me with a performance report?

Yes. We create reports for every campaign we run, and we also provide you with a monthly performance report that contains detailed information regarding our Google My Business ads campaign.

2.How do you measure the ad performance?

We intricately measure the performance of your GMB ads using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and GMB Insights. Performance is based on the number of phone calls, SEO rankings, customer feedback, and online reviews, requests for directions, direct searches, and search queries. 


3.What KPIs it includes?

KPIs include the GMB ad practices we did, total ads count, achievements such as –
  • High CTRs, conversions, and revenue growth,
  • Failures (if any),
  • Hour’s count,
  • Comparison between last month and current month strategies,
  • Next month’s strategies we will plan for improvements and how we implement them.
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