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Go Social, Be Where Your Audience Is!

In today’s time, you’ll hardly find a person who does not use social media. People start their morning with social media and end their night in the same place. So, why not be right there and leverage the power to grow your business? Go Social and Grow Scalable with Creative Social Media Marketing Services at Meeraqe. 

Use Social Media and Build Your Brand with an Amazing Community of Happy Customers

When you provide a space to your audience where they can directly reach you out, they connect and engage better with your brand and put their trust in you. They definitely spread a word of mouth and that’s the best marketing ever. 


The best way to provide this connecting space is Social Media. Being on social media, you can let your audience know you better by keeping them regularly updated about your business activities and plans. You can also communicate your values and that will make them trust your brand even more which will help you build your online community full of happy clients and customers. With a great community, you’ve definitely got a well-established brand presence and position which ultimately brings in profits and success to your business. 


And all of this only requires amazingly creative and strategized Social Media Marketing. We’ve got you covered here. With our talented team of creative copywriters, graphic designers, and social media marketers, you get a great social media plan that brings exponential results. 

Let's Grab the Happy Customer From Social Media

    Our Social Media Marketing Services

    Unleash the benefits of social media with every social media channel and activity covered in our extensive social media marketing services.

    Social Media Management

    Have an amazing brand presence by marketing yourself across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a lot more while also managing them for continuous growth in followings and engagements with a complete Social Media Management Services package. 

    Social Media Advertising

    When you advertise yourself on social media, you gain an edge at getting visibility and engagement. People trust the things they see on social media and when you efficiently use that for advertising your brand, you can see your lead count going up. Leverage this benefit with amazing social media advertising services at the hands of our expert team of copywriters, designers, and social media marketer.

    Instagram Marketing

    Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms today. With features like Insta Live, Reels, IGTVs, you can get great engagements. Also, you have a great way to advertise your brand with Instagram Ads. Leverage all the capabilities of Instagram with extensive Instagram Marketing that covers every aspect from daily posting to bringing engagements, going live, and running amazing ads. 

    Facebook Marketing

    Facebook might not have been the very first social media platform, but it’s definitely the platform that gave boom to the social media and since then, there was no turning back. Facebook still owns its popularity and that makes it an amazing platform to market and grow your business. Own the power of Facebook with amazing Facebook Marketing catered by our talented experts.


    Twitter is a place where you can find everyone, from common people to celebrities. So, you have a huge pool to reach out on this platform. What’s more amazing is, you can just use 180characters and there you shall have amazing audience, connections, and community. Moreover, you can run twitter ads as well. Leverage all these capabilities and grow your business in no time with excellent Twitter Marketing with Meeraqe. 

    LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn is a great platform where you find the cream pool of professionals. So, what’s better than this for marketing and growing your B2B business? If you’re a B2B business and want to grow, LinkedIn is the way to go and you can leverage the capabilities of this platform with us. Right from creating your LinkedIn page and community to bringing engagements through regular posts, articles, and surveys, you get it all with our LinkedIn Marketing Packages.

    Social Media Marketing Process

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    Strategy Planning

    A perfect plan always leads to perfect results. So, we start by discussing your requirements, objectives, and expectations and create a comprehensive plan creatively strategizing the activities that will bring the best social media marketing results meeting your goals and expectations.

    Strategy Implementation

    Just planning a campaign will not do the work for you. Once we have the blueprint of what needs to be done, we work on applying the most creative approaches to implement the plans to get the prefect results.

    Strategy Monitoring

    Knowing how your plans are working out is crucial to mark the growth and find scope for improvement and enhancement. So, we constantly monitor the metrics in relation with post engagements, follower counts, and other social media parameters so that we’re sure that the campaign is performing at all levels and scales.

    Reporting and Modifications

    Reports give the perfect insights to us as well as you about the growth that marketing has brought to your business. We create weekly, biweekly, and monthly reports on the campaign performance and work on modifications to constantly enhance the business growth achieved through social media marketing.

    Why Social Media Marketing?

    Social Media is the door that opens up to your target audience. It's the easiest path that leads you to your target audience and you can connect with them in amazing ways over social media. Right from starting to create engagement to establishing brand trust and building your own online community, social media does it all for you. With Social Media Marketing, you can unleash the potentials for scalable and expandable business growth, profitability, and success. That leaves no reason for not trying out social media marketing. So, when are you going social with your business?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Social media can help your business in ways you didn’t even think of if you use the platforms strategically. With the right and intelligent use of various social media platforms, you can create a good market for your product and services by establishing your own online community where your target audience engages with your brand and help you lead business success.

    SMM refers to social media marketing while SMO refers to social media optimization. SMO is used to enhance the on-page activities on your website to bring more traffic. SMM is a wider term. Although it is also done to generate more traffic, it involves many other processes which are off-page and are performed with higher aims of establishing brand awareness and building an online community.  

    That totally depends on your marketing budget and goals. We have different packages you can choose from. In case you’re having a hard time deciding what to choose, you can contact us, we can schedule an initial meeting, we can discuss your requirements and goals, and our experts can suggest you the best package that will perfectly cover all your needs and expectations. 

    You can expect results right from the first month. However, that doesn’t mean all your goals shall be accomplished right there. Social media marketing takes time and the results come gradually. As you move forward, your results keep improving. All you need to do is be consistent with your marketing efforts. 

    Why Meeraqe?

    While you may be using social media for a long time, using it for marketing and business growth is tricky and requires strategized approaches that can best be created by expert, experienced, creative, and talented professionals. Our team is built with amazingly creative heads who use their talents to bring the best results for your business from social media so that you see yourselves at the top of the stairs to success.

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