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Virtual Assistant - Digital Marketing Services

With our Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant, you can completely transform your online presence.

Introducing our enhanced Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant service, providing businesses with an affordable and efficient solution to outsource their digital marketing requirements. Our dedicated team of experts excels in a wide range of areas, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, content marketing, email campaigns, and paid advertising. Collaborating closely with you, we craft a personalized strategy tailored to your specific business needs. By entrusting our virtual assistants with crucial tasks such as social media engagement, content development, and comprehensive analytics reporting, you can devote your valuable time and resources to essential business operations, all while achieving remarkable digital marketing triumphs.


Our virtual marketing assistant can create compelling content, drive engagement, and do much more to increase your brand's footprint

Are you often getting caught in a calendar creep? Is your productivity declining due to loose ends in the marketing division? Get a virtual marketing assistant from Meeraqe to bring back the organized sunshine to your business. We offer prospecting, competitor research, email marketing, networking, web and content management, and more!

At Express Virtual Assistants, we are passionate about driving buzz for our clients to increase their brand visibility. The search ends here if your business needs a professional who can multitask efficiently. We have you covered in every aspect.

To Know More About Services

    Services for Virtual Marketing Assistants

    Forget the traditional approach and think like a savvy marketer by outsourcing virtual marketing assistant services to Meeraqe . When you can’t juggle between various functions in your business, we will clear the way for you to reconnect with your goals.

    Virtual Marketing Assistant

    Welcome to our Virtual Marketing Assistant service, which provides firms with remote marketing support. Our skilled team handles a variety of responsibilities like social media administration, email marketing, content production, and more. With tailored strategy, regular reporting, and competitive pricing.

    SEO Virtual Assistant

    Our Content Marketing Virtual Assistant service offers expert content marketing assistance such as planning, development, optimisation, distribution, and analytics reporting. Our virtual assistants are trained in a variety of strategies. Our cost-effective and personalised solutions assist you in streamlining your marketing initiatives in order to meet your business objectives.

    Content Marketing Virtual Assistant

    Our Content Marketing Virtual Assistant service provides you with professional content marketing support, including strategy, creation, optimization, distribution, and analytics reporting. Our virtual assistants are skilled in various tactics. Our cost-effective and personalized solutions help streamline your marketing campaigns to achieve your business objectives.

    PPC Marketing Virtual Assistant


    Our PPC Service specialises in building and maintaining pay-per-click campaigns to boost traffic and conversions on the Amazon platform. We undertake keyword research, optimise product listings, and provide frequent reporting and analysis to maximise ROI. Contact us if you want to enhance you sales and market share.

    Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

    Welcome to our Email Marketing Virtual Assistant service, where we provide remote help for email campaigns for organisations. Our skilled professionals handle responsibilities such as generating email templates, managing subscriber lists, and producing attractive material. We provide tailored tactics for achieving email marketing objectives.

    Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant

    Our remote executives will create social media campaigns, curate content, establish a marketing budget, and schedule creation using the best marketing technique to achieve brand consistency on social media. We work seamlessly with your business leaders and departmental executives to carry out our advertising, brand management, and product development tasks.

    Top Benefits of Hiring Virtual Marketing Assistants from Meeraqe

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    We follow an amazingly creative approach to get the best results out of virtual assistant  marketing. 

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    Quality Services

    We manage your outsourced requirement with entire devotion to your project, guaranteeing that you are completely satisfied with the outcomes. Only experienced project managers supervise each project and ensure that it is completed in accordance with your expectations and quality requirements.

    Specialized Professionals Dedicated to Your Tasks

    Based on their track records, we engage remote experts. We assess a professional's cultural fit with your company and their capacity to learn your standard operating procedure before mapping them. For guaranteed success, we distribute your normal work to the best resources in the sector.

    High Data Confidentiality & Security

    We create our data protection procedures to address the persistent issues that organisations face, and we manage your data proactively under the oath of confidentiality. Every professional who handles your data is contractually obligated to keep it private. We treat your data with care and will never use it for purposes other than those specified in the SLA.

    Flexibility to Scale at Your Own Pace

    Scaling your requirements is easy. You can fill out a few forms without strenuous paperwork, and that's it. It's that easy! Our professionals will walk you through scaling up or down your requirement.

    Initial Discussion

    We set up an initial discussion to know and understand your goals and expectations for the marketing.

    Strategy Planning

    Once we’re through with your goals and expectations, we design a strategy for working around those goals and meeting those expectations.


    Being on the same page with the strategy, we start working on the goals with a step by step strategic implementation of the plans to achieve the milestones.

    Reporting and Modification

    Constantly monitoring the strategies and reporting the performance along with modifications for the future.

    Why Meeraqe?

    virtual assistants have emerged as the secret weapon for digital marketing success. Their ability to enhance customer engagement, automate tasks, provide data analysis and insights, facilitate personalized marketing campaigns, offer 24/7 customer support, simplify social media management, optimize for voice search, and continuously learn and adapt, empowers businesses to achieve unparalleled results with Meeraqe, that’s very easy to achieve.

    We have an amazing pool of talent in our team who brilliantly use their creativity and experience to bring the most amazing results for your brand to make success and growth feel visible and accomplished!

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