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Strategies To Increase Your Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers

You are reading this blog because you might have searched for ways to increase your email subscribers, or strategies to drive traffic on websites through Email Marketing. 

So before moving further I would like to draw your attention to the basic meaning of the term Email Marketing. 

Email Subscribers List

What is Email Marketing?

In general, email marketing is a practice of preparing and sending emails to the potential audience in order to make them aware of the sender’s products or services.  

As per technical language email marketing is the usage of email to make your customers aware of your latest items or offers by integrating it into your marketing automation efforts.  

Types Of Email Marketing campaigns:


Meanwhile for keeping your customers tuned into your brand and its latest updates newsletter is very important. For instance new products or services, industry news, important announcements, or any changes in your business form a part of a newsletter. And they typically contain an intro, description, and links with images. 

Welcome Messages

Further when a client recently acquired your services or completed the signup procedure for our app this type of email is sent. For instance these are to welcome him/her on your brand and to provide some basic information on your work and service you provide. This one is crucial to make your audience feel that you care about them being your brand. 

Anniversary or Birthday Messages

Meanwhile users are always happy to know that they are important and the mails which are specially personalized and sent to them for their special occasions are very important email campaigns. 

Limited Time Offers

For instance these are the emails which are created and sent specially to generate curiosity among the readers. As a result these mails make them buy the product or acquire the services instantly and thus drafted in a manner which influences the customers are the limited time offers. 

The Seasonal Campaign

Further email campaigns can be created based on the seasons. These are the emails which are drafted specially to influence customers to buy things or services which are specific to a particular season. 

The Abandoned Cart Series

Meanwhile the ones which are prepared to influence the reader to complete any action. For instance something which they left in the middle and thus these mails make them take the action and complete the goal of the sender. 

Why Is Email Marketing Better Than Other Marketing Strategies?

As per studies more than 319.6 billion emails are sent daily. Meanwhile the updates in trends have led to a change in the manner of email drafting and sending and it has definitely brought good and effective results. 

Email Marketing is better than other forms of marketing due to the following reasons:

It’s More Personal

Meanwhile when we talk about email it is something which is directly sent to a person’s email and thus remains in it until it is deleted or read or any other action taken. But as we compare it with any other form of marketing say for example social media marketing, the post you create is visible only to the person who is following you. Further it is seen when they scroll the latest post or videos and thus it might get disappeared or missed by your customer. 


As a result we can say email is something which is permanent and stays in the inbox making it more personal and value driven as well. 

Your Own Subscribers

Further the subscribers to your mail are the asset you have. And no one! trust me no one can take them away from you until they wish to be a part of your subscribers list. But when we talk about social media in that case, we are completely dependent on the third-party app. For instance if gets shut for any reason will make you lose your contacts and people you are connected with and put huge efforts to bring them into your followers list.  

No Role of Algorithms

Meanwhile algorithms are something which keeps on changing. Therefore one who is working in marketing and other strategies needs to be updated with these latest trends. 


For instance these algorithms are the parameters which govern the reach of your content to the audience. Further in email there is no role of the algorithm and thus no need to compete for the same. 


The email you sent will directly be delivered to the user in his /her inbox and thus making it easy for you to reach the target. 

Higher ROI

The techniques we implement in marketing are measured by calculating the ROI and thus it plays a really important role.  

What is ROI?

ROI, the abbreviation, stands for Return on Investment and it means to measure the return which we get on the investment we made and thus it is a very important aspect to know the matrix of marketing. 

And email marketing has higher ROI as compared to other marketing strategies. 

Other benefits of email marketing are:

Customer Interest

If you have not seen the emails sent by big companies like Zomato trust me, you must have a look at them. The subject lines which are sent in the emails are something which trigger the interest of the reader and thus these campaigns play an important role in making their customers grow interest in the business. 

Collecting feedback

With the help of emails, you can send customers the review forms and feedback options and grab their attention. This also helps you understand how and where you need to improve. 

Improving sales

And the ultimate goal is to earn and this is why we create campaigns, we send them, we take feedback and sales is improved with email campaigns as you are well memorized by the customers and the call to actions lead them to take action on your email resulting in increase in sales. 

Generating traffic

Email campaigns, when drafted correctly and including the right call to action options, will help in driving people to your website or product for which the campaign is created. Sending content in emails and generating traffic is a very effective way of marketing and useful as well. 

Now since you are already convinced to draft an email let's discuss the strategies which will help in increasing your email subscribers:
Offers and Sales

Why do you subscribe to mail? Is it because you want information? Or are you eager to know their marketing strategies? Or in good faith? Nothing of this sort is on your mind? 60% of people subscribe to the mail just to receive updates about the offers and incentives. Therefore, if you wish to cater to a huge audience you need to organize giveaways or provide incentives or release offers and attract your customers to acquire your services or products.

Keep The Sign-Up Form Short

No one wishes to have a signup which involves huge questionnaires. Therefore try keeping the newsletter or email sign up as short as possible so as to make your customers complete it in a few minutes and thus keeping them connected with you.

Signup form placement

Meanwhile try keeping the signup call to action button at important places which are most visited and viewed by your customers, this makes them memorize about your newsletter and somewhere influence them to subscribe for the same.  To sum up the most appropriate place for keeping the signup form for your newsletter is:


  • Top of the sidebar 
  • Top header 
  • After a post 
  • Footer 
  • Pop-up box 
Affiliate advertising

For instance another way of grabbing the audience to sign up for the newsletter is by providing some amount of money to the affiliate. Therefore due to his marketing if someone comes and signs up for the newsletter you can pay them the amount as discussed between the two of you. 

Subscriber-only benefits

Keep the cherry for the subscribers! For instance here I mean that you can provide some benefits to the users but keep extra benefits for the ones who subscribed to your newsletters. As a result this will separate your subscribers from others and make them feel special, along with this it will make the non-subscribers to subscribe the newsletter to acquire the extra benefits associated. 

Social Media

Try attracting an audience through social media. For instance try making campaigns related to the offers which are only available for the newsletter subscribers. Secondly post them on your social media. As a result this will force them to subscribe to the newsletter to get benefits that you offer. 

Instant Offers

Further these are the offers which users can get if they instantly subscribe to your newsletter. As a result can be given to the first-time subscribers. It has the power to drive huge traffic as people love these kinds of offers and get influenced by the same instantly. 

Newsletter pop-ups to website

Meanwhile this practice is adopted by many website owners and helps in increasing the subscribers in an increased manner. Further try inserting popups in your website with offers to subscribe to your newsletter. As a result it will help you in grabbing the attention of the visitors on your website and make them take action in your favor. 

Email Sign Up at Checkout

Further if you have an ecommerce website and someone purchases your products you can add a popup to subscribe to your newsletter at the checkout page. For instance the person has bought something from your website. As a result they definitely are interested in your products so there are more chances that they subscribe to your mails as compared to others. 


To sum up, above is the list of activities you can perform to increase your newsletter subscribers. As a result generate leads through email marketing. Meanwhile email marketing, even after being a traditional method of marketing, is still being used to drive traffic to the website and increase sales, so start drafting attractive mails and improve your presence.