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Terms and Conditions

Hereinbelow are set out the terms and conditions for the use of Meeraqe’s website, its products, and services. We suggest you go through these terms and conditions so that you can have well-informed services and products that perfectly meet your expectations. As you associate with us, we assume that you’ve gone through these terms and conditions and agree with the same.  


Meeraqe holds absolute right over all the content, software, code, media, database, and other materials posted and published in any form on this website and is authorized to use these materials as it pleases. 

Any attempt to redistribute, reproduce, copy, republish, use, or reuse this data is any form whatsoever without express permission from Meeraqe shall be considered as plagiarism or infringement of data and shall attract legal liabilities and actions. 

License, Installations, and Purchases 

The packages offered on our website are for one-time purchase and you can use one purchased package for a one-time service charge as detailed in the solutions provided. Once the period of your package expires, you need to renew the same for availing the services for an extended period. 


Digital Marketing is a very dynamic field and as you work through it there are many aspects you need to deal with. So, when you’re dealing with different digital marketing aspects and taking services for the same, you need to have a round the clock support from the services providers. However, we’re just working with the technology and there are surely some instances where we could be dealing with technical glitches. So, as such we make every effort to provide a 24/7 availability, there can be instances where we might not be able to be available and cannot guarantee uninterrupted services. 

However, we shall be dedicated to solving all your problems at the earliest, and you can be rest assured that none of your queries shall ever go unresolved. 

Refund Policy 

We have a 30days refund policy for selected services and products. In case you’re not satisfied with what we’re doing for your digital marketing needs and requirements and feel that the services are not meeting your goals and expectations, you can send a refund request to us. 

However, we shall carry forward this request only after a discussion upon what we’re missing out and what made you dissatisfied. Also, the refund amount shall not include any expenses made on running ads or setting up accounts. 

Amendments and Alterations 

Meeraqe reserves the whole and sole right to make any edits, amendments, and alterations to the terms and conditions elaborated here at any point in time as we may deem fit. 

All the changes and amendments are notified and updated on this page itself.