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Top 10 Reel Ideas To Make Your Profile Trending on Instagram  

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Instagram Reels - SMM

Since its debut in May 2021, Instagram reels have been an absolute hit. Since then it has become one of the tricks used by marketers all around the globe, as reels can boost your account in just a span of a few days.  


Previously, our post reach was limited to Hashtags, Cache Memory, and other Algorithms. But, Reels has opened new opportunities for millions of individuals by providing a much more user-friendly platform. With one reel, you can reach millions of people. Further depending only upon the content you make.

Opening a new door for creators

Only professionals used to make Visual Content before reels were launched. But now it has offered a broad canvas on which anyone can express their ideas. Further reel will go viral across the Gram if your content is original and relatable, regardless of the niche. Meanwhile this gave birth to a whole new level of creativity. As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of creators on Instagram.


So now you must be wondering, how you can use reels to increase your Instagram reach, boost engagement, and of course followers?  


The answer is pretty simple, by creating engaging, unique, and relevant content. Further Instagram has always promoted unique, engaging, and quality content. Let’s see some reel ideas that you can use for the creation of your next reel:  

Top 10 Reel Ideas To Make Your Instagram Profile Viral

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1. Educational Content

There is no better way to keep the audience engaged than by providing them with educational and helpful content. Further in this, you can educate the audience related to your business, technology, profession, or other topics they are interested in.


 For Example: If you are an air hostess, you can create content on topics like “Tips for           Aspirants Airhostess”  

2. DIY Videos

This stands for Do It Yourself. Further these are made in order to reduce the cost of paying someone else to do it.


For Example: You can create a reel related to ‘Converting Plastic Bottle into Flower Pots’  


Since Instagram introduced reels, outfit of the day videos have become increasingly popular. As a result international Influencers have been making these kinds of videos ever since.  Further fashion enthusiasts very much enjoy these videos. 


For Example: If you are an influencer, you can create a reel on ‘My Weekend Look’.  

4. A Day of My Life

People enjoy reality shows just like they enjoy short videos of creators posting about their everyday life. Further people are also interested in getting a sneak peek of creators’ personal life. 


For Example: If you are a creator, you can create a video, ‘How I Start My Week.’   

5. Recipes

Meanwhile people love learning and making new recipes. Further quick & easy recipes always draw the attention of food lovers. 


For Example: If you are a chef or someone who loves cooking, you can create a reel like ‘Easiest and Delicious Recipe Holiday on Turkey’ or ‘Quick Dessert Ideas’.  

6. Fixing Food Videos

It really sucks! Isn’t it? When you cooked a time-consuming dish and it turned out to be bad because of just one ingredient. For instance extra salt or oil and it spoiled the whole dish.

For Example: You can create a reel on ‘Quick fixes for over salty dishes’  

7. Makeup Hacks

For instance women always love to learn new makeup hacks. Meanwhile Quick makeup fixes before a date are a lifesaver! 



For Example: If you are a makeup artist, you can create a reel on ‘How to use Lipstick as an eyeshadow’ .


8. Talent on Display

Further it’s always a good idea to showcase your talent through your content.


For Example: If you are good at dancing, you can create a reel on ‘Trending Dance Songs/Steps’  

9. Funny Reels

A good laugh is all we need after a tiring day at work or to uplift our mood sometimes. As a result audiences of each demographic love funny videos! 


For Example:  You can create a reel on trending meme. Further you can create your own funny meme.  

10. Short Review Videos

Meanwhile buying any product or service, the audience is always keen to know its genuine review first.  Further the same will go for Movies, Web Series and Books. 


For Example: If you love trying new face treatments, you can create a reel on ‘Honest Review of Trying Hydra Facial’  

To sum up, these are some examples of social video content that you can create. As a result this content will undoubtedly improve all of your social profiles. Further, blend your imagination with these suggestions to create excellent content for your profile. Stay tuned for our next article, where we will be coming up with more pieces that can make your social profiles a hit.