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Videos Can Help Your Business Generate More Leads

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Videos to Generate More Leads

If you have an option to read a book or watch a movie, unless you are a bibliophile, you are going to choose watching the movie. People are deeply and strangely inclined towards watching videos rather than having a read of the same thing. This is what makes video contents a very important part of your content marketing strategy.  


Statistics reveal that almost 86% of the people want to see video content from their favorite brands. Videos can make your audience connect better, engage better. So, yes, videos can really help your business big time to drive more leads. 


However, just video is never the key. It’s more about how beautifully and strategically your videos are created and how well are they aligned with your business goals. That’s where the entire catch is! 


Unless you present the videos with the right strategies over the right channels, there is zero meaning to them. So, the question is how can videos actually help you generate more leads? 


Well, the answer lies in knowing some amazing video marketing tips and tricks. Have a read further to know your answers. 

Video Marketing For Lead Generation

How Will Videos Generate More Leads?

The catch is not in creating videos. It’s in how you are creating them and where you are using them. Let’s have a look at how videos help drive leads, engagements, conversions, and growth. 

When you are creating videos to generate leads, you need to guide the audience towards what they need to do. You have to encourage them to take an action. For instance, you are promoting your services. You don’t just have to pitch your services or tell the people why they should take your services. In addition to doing that, you have to further encourage them for exploring more about your services and taking them. 


This is where call to action buttons keep importance.  


With a CTA button, you can offer more reasons to the audience to click and that simply brings in leads and drives conversions. 

Landing Pages are designed with the sole objective of generating leads. Videos can make them more engaging and interesting.


Videos can offer the audience more information in a more appealing way and can add more context to the content available to them on the landing page. Moreover, videos create a personalized picture which appeals more to the audience, connects them better, and drive more conversions.

Email Marketing is another strategy you follow to generate leads. Make the strategy more successful by adding videos to your content. Videos will make the emails more engaging, more appealing, more attractive. You mails will look different and unique. 


However, adding videos to your emails can be problematic. Many times, the service provider may not allow you to add videos, or even if they allow, there’s a possibility that your recipient’s mail box will not support those videos. 


Nonetheless, you can add link to a video in the mail. To make it more interesting, you can add an image that has a play button on it and link the play button to the video you want to push in your email. 


Whatever you do, videos are going to spice up your mails and that’s just going to work great for generating more leads. 

    Gated content is a great way to not only generate more leads but also grow your email list. Generally, white papers, case studies, and e-books are used as gated content. But you can use videos too.


    People love watching videos and they will click through when you offer them the same. You can create a video series, offer the initial video for free and then gate the others in the series. If your initial video is engaging, you are sure to get the clicks on the gated videos and there you are, successful in your attempt to generate more leads.

    Search Engine Optimization is a great way for lead generation. Explore it more for video SEO. Videos will serve as a great content to make you rank higher in the search engines and when you rank, you can definitely expect more leads.


    So, yes, video can really help you generate more leads. All you need to know is use them right. And now that you know that, how soon are you starting video marketing?